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White Hat SEO Techniques Versus Black Hat SEO – 2018 Update

Black Hat SEOIn this article, we will talk about one of the biggest subjects when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This subject is none other than White Hat SEO methods opposed to Black Hat SEO methods. After reading this article you will have a much greater understanding of these SEO methods and how to execute them properly in order to increase your numbers from the search engines. Now that the year 2018 is here some small changes have been implemented when it comes to what we can do with our SEO. On the other hand, the fundamentals are timeless, tried and tested and have continued to remain the same. While some of us have heard much about this topic already and perhaps understand it greatly, some of us may not. This article will help every user to better understand how to execute these different methods and which list of SEO tactics is right for utilization.

White Hat SEO

The first list of methods we will talk about in this article is referred to as “White Hat SEO.” White Hat SEO is the set of tactics used to gain more traffic from the search engines by using those techniques deemed appropriate by the search engines.

These techniques are considered ethical due to the high-quality content that is in place for the user. This list is also referred to as ethical due to the fact that it adheres to the guidelines set by the search engines while still aiding you in increasing your organic traffic.

The importance of unique content

One of the first White Hat SEO techniques that we will mention, which works wonderfully, is to create only unique content. While each form of content you are producing must be unique (not copied from the web, and in your own words), it must also be completely accurate. Any information you choose to use must be 100% correct in order to adhere to these guidelines.

When a search engine, such as Google, for example, sees that your content is unique and accurate they will index it higher. Now, when we use the term “index”, this simply means to rate the content and place it higher within the search results for your focus keyword(s) that you have chosen to use. What does this mean? When the user engages a search on the internet this is how likely your pages and content will come up and in what order.

The term “focus keyword” is a chosen word or set of words (or one word) used to title your content. These are very important and should be carefully researched to ensure you have chosen a keyword that best fits your theme of the content you are creating.

Keyword Research

An excellent White Hat SEO technique is keyword research. Basically, what this means to search a keyword you are considering using to see what the competition is for this term as well as the number of times it gets searched by users. By doing this you can tell which keywords would work best for you. For example, a keyword that has very high competition and little search numbers would not be a great choice.

You want to use keywords that have higher search numbers and less competition for the best results. If you run into the problem of finding out your keyword is not as good as you would like it is a simple fix. The best thing to do is to keep researching similar words to the one that you choose to discard until you find one that will work for your content.

High Quality Media

The next White Hat SEO technique we will mention in this article is very easy to employ. This technique is just as simple as producing only high-quality media for your content. This means if you use stock footage or any videos you need to only choose the media that fits your content. Make sure it is directly related with the text that you are coming up with.

Also, be sure to add plenty of attributes such as links and alternative text. This will help the user to better understand the media and Google, as well as other search engines, reward this hard work with a higher rank. The same is true if you are the one to capture the images or shoot the video. You still want to do everything in your power to ensure that the media is the best quality possible.

White Hat SEO – In for the long haul

For our White Hat SEO recap, you should know that the White Hat startup can be somewhat slower. This is something to keep in mind alongside that these methods are the only ones that will not lead to penalization. Although the startup may be slower the future of your online ventures is better and you will begin to see a snowball effect with your hard work. When you use the techniques that are deemed ethical you will enjoy much more favorable long-term results.

Black Hat SEO

The second type of methods used for SEO is referred to as “Black Hat SEO” and these are the techniques that are deemed to be unethical by the search engines guidelines. Many individuals choose to use these methods because the sound of quick turnaround and fast growth can be perceived as attractive. However, this type of practice usually always ends in some sort of penalization by the search engine. When Black Hat SEO methods are in place this means it will create a poor user experience and search engines do everything they can to eliminate pages that do this.


The first most common technique used in Black Hat SEO efforts is known as redirection. This is simply displaying a different URL than the one the user will land on when they click on the link they select. People often use attractive headings and SEO titles that individuals are interested in to redirect them to a page that has nothing to do with this title. You can see how this leads to a very poor user experience and lower satisfaction.

Keyword Stuffing

The next most common Black Hat SEO technique used is known as keyword stuffing, what this means is to place too many keywords within the text to temporarily trick the search engine into giving the page a better rank. Some people even use invisible text to stuff more irrelevant keywords into the page to gain a higher rank that they do not deserve. Both methods are quickly met with penalization and a lower rank within the search engines. One way we see the text becoming invisible is by individuals making the text very small and the same color as the background. This is one of the signature ways that individuals use Black Hat SEO when trying to trick the search engine and user, and for a short time, it works.


The last most common form of Black Hat SEO utilized is called spam. We have all seen spam in some shape, form, or fashion. This could be in our spam folders, on our email, or in a comment section (at the very least). Spam bombards the user with worthless links to direct these individuals to content. They are often not related in nature and not wanted except by the creator of the original content where it is often found on.

In conclusion, we only suggest using White Hat SEO methods for your content. In the long run, the sort of results that you can achieve are much higher when compared to the little patience needed in Black Hat SEO. For those serious internet marketing professionals, this is the only way to go. It is very important to keep in mind that Black Hat SEO techniques only work for a short amount of time and can even lead to your page being deleted. With that in mind, it is up to you, the creator, to decide which of the SEO methods is right for your needs. Good luck.

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